Reasons To Visit Orkney On Your Next Holiday

Orkney is an archipelago that is located in the Northern Atolls of Scotland. In terms of size, Orkney is 10 miles north of the Caithness Coast. It consists of 70 islands, and 20 of them are inhabited. The largest mainland has an area equivalent to 202 square miles. This makes it a place suitable for human settlement as well as a location for administrative centers. Also, the islands of Orkney are divided into groups, the South and North Isles. All of these isles have the original geological base of the Old Red Sandstone. The soil in these islands are extremely fertile for farming activities, and the climate is a little bit mild. According to the people of Orkney, one of the active economic activities is agriculture. Besides farming, Orkney has sites for tourism attractions. These sites have been attracting a lot of travelers from all over the world.


Stromness is a cute village found within the Orkney’s Islands. It has a waterfront hub that is surrounded by streets of trimmed stones. When you visit the village, you will have the sense of being in the old world again. The village has craftspeople and artists who have shops selling the arts made out of the charm that is surrounding the place. Stromness is a place where tourists will always visit when looking forward to experiencing an artistic pulse.

Food and Drinks

Orkney is the best place to visit for quality food and drinks. This is contributed by the fertile land that has greatly favored agricultural activities in the islands. The wealthy food treats that are provided by Orkney include eponymous cheddar, bountiful local seafood, and Orkney Gold Beef. When it comes to drinks, Orkney is known for Scapa, Highland Park (Whisky distillery), and superb ales that are produced by Orkney Brewery.


This is the hilliest island in Hoy, which has become a spectacular site for tourism activities. Travelers usually visit the site to experience great climbing activity. The place is also known for having the engaging war museum. It has a 137 m high rock that is stack next to the surrounding water body of the island. The rock was not captured by any man until late 1966. This is the reason why it is called the Old Man of Hoy.

Skara Brae

Skara Brae is an abandoned village that is fronted by the extensive Atlantic beach. This is a place where every first visitor will never forget. It is preserved beautifully in the dunes. The village illustrates how the ancestors of Orkney used to live 5000 years ago.

Neolithic Orkney

Neolithic Orkney is a prehistoric site that is surrounded by Brodgar ring, which is made of a stone circle. The ring is also made of the mighty Stenness Stones and Maes Howe. Inside Neolithic Orkney is made of recent graffiti. Maes Howe was left in Neolithic Orkney by the Vikings, and it has developed into a spectacular tourism site. This is the place that the sun burst into during winter.

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