Reasons You Need To Visit Scotland’s Islands

Scotland is one of the must visit places in the world. It is best known for its wonderful culture not to mention the amazing islands in it. It has been voted as the most fascinating and beautiful country by Rough Guides readers. Nevertheless, what brings most people to Scotland is the Islands. So, here is a glimpse of some of the reasons why you should visit Scotland’s Islands.

  • Great Outdoor activities

Are you a lover of outdoor activities? Scotland Islands are a great place for you to visit. In most of the Islands such as Orkney, Lewis, and Harris among more, you can engage in activities such as surfing, climbing, bird watching, hill walking and golfing among other activities.

Additionally, the pounding ocean provides you with an opportunity to fish and sail among other water sporting activities.

  • Remarkable scenery

If you happen to visit Islands such as the Hebrides and Harris, you will be fascinated by the amazing landscapes as well as the fantastic view of the ocean. From a beach in Harris Island, you can be able to see the mountains of North Harris, pure white sand, and turquoise seas. As you drive along the beach, it ‘s hard to deter your eyes from the beautiful scenery on the island.

  • Award-Winning Islands

Who would not want to visit award winning islands? Scotland has some of the best-reviewed islands such as the Orkney Islands. In 2014, Orkney Island was among the top five best Islands in the world due to its spectacular scenery not to mention the historic attractions.

Orkney Island is home to the famous Italian Chapel, Hoy, and Stromness which is the most beautiful village on the island. Do not miss out on such incredible beauty.

  • Food and Drink

There is no fascinating place which has no good food or drinks. As mentioned earlier, Scotland is known for its amazing culture. The different cultures brought by the people living in the various islands ensure that the foods and drinks are diverse. You can get just any dish you like including local seafood.

  • Historic houses

Islands such as the Hebrides has some of the oldest houses. While on this island, you get to see the Dun Carloway and aCllanish Stones which are houses made from very historic building materials. Also, you will get to see some of the blockhouses such as the Arnol Blackhouse. Additionally, while in Orkney island you will be able to see the famous Heart of Neolithic Orkney which is pre-historic site left by the Vikings.

  • Luxurious Restaurants

If you are looking to take your loved ones for a vacation, the Scotland islands are the best since they provide you with everything you may need. You have a beach to visit, various activities to engage in and places to visit. However, your vacation cannot be a success without good accommodation facilities.

Luckily, in all the Islands, there are different restaurants which you can book in advance. For example, in Orkney, you can stay in Whitefalls Spa Lodges.

Scotland Islands will give you an experience like no other. Therefore, regardless of your preference, you can be sure that you will have fun while in Scotland.

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