Best Places In Scotland For A Fishing Vacation

For trout or salmon fishers few places in the world offer as many great fishing opportunities as Scotland. Trout fishing is one of the most popular activities in Scotland. There are many regions of this beautiful country where trout fishing is part of daily life. From the North Coast to the south of Scotland the fishing is excellent.

The North West coast is considered exceptional for trout fishing. This region has thousands of lochs and rivers offering ideal natural conditions and habitats for this cold water loving fish. Trolling is the recommended method in most parts of this region, the many lochs are perfect for small boat fishing, Brown trout are prevalent in this region.

The Carron Valley Reservoir located in central Scotland is considered by many to be one of the best trout fishing locations in the country. The Katrine and Venachar lochs are not only beautiful; the trout fishing is outstanding. This region is home to the famous Inverness, Laidon, and Leven lochs. If you prefer river or stream fishing, there are hundreds of trout filled rivers and streams awaiting you.

The south of Scotland also offers excellent fishing for trout. The many cold water streams and rivers found in this region often provide record breaking fish for the angler. Fishers who prefer lake fishing will enjoy a day on Galloway, Renfrewshire, Pentland Hills, and many other beautiful clear, cold lakes. Not to be overlooked, there are over 700 islands in Scotland, the fishing opportunities offered around these islands are varied and many.

It makes little difference where you choose to fish, Scotland will offer you one of the best trout fishing adventures anywhere. Bait and tackle shops are easy to find, and the locals are friendly and more than happy to assist you, guide services are readily available. While there are year-round trout fishing locations, the open season runs from March to October.

Scotland is also a popular destination for salmon fishers. The country has hundreds of waterways where these beautiful fish flourish, these waterways are considered by many to be the best salmon fishing in Europe. These waterways vary from large fast moving rivers to small streams and tributaries that offer excellent salmon fishing. The rivers are laid out in sections, called beats, the landowners on either side of the river control the area that runs through their property, and consequently, the cost of your salmon permit will vary from one beat to the next. The number of licenses is usually limited to 6 to 8 per day, depending on the length and width of the beat. You can expect to pay more from the middle of June until the end of the season. Salmon season in Scotland runs from mid-January through the end of October. Salmon fishing is not allowed on Sunday.

The visiting fisherman will find many guide services that will provide instruction, tackle, reels and lines, safety vest, waders and will make sure you land that big salmon. Or, pack your best fly fishing reels so you’re ready to go when you land. If you are thinking about a fishing vacation and love to fish for trout and salmon, Scotland should be high on your list.

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